String Machene

A String Machene?

A unique hand crafted musical instrument, a "drone" instrument. It has 6 tuneable strings with an electric motor for each one. The motors spin star shaped 'disks', made from felt, that' brush' the strings to make them vibrate. Matching the speed of the motor and the frequency of the string will result in a continuous tone. Each motor is positioned above a string and is controlled by adjusting the height, making more or less contact with the string. All 6 motors share the same power supply so they draw power from each other depending on the amount of wok they do. This way the motors and the strings interact and function as a single system.

As the motors and the strings go in and out of 'phase', it causes individual strings to sound in pulses of loud, quiet or not at all. Playing a String Machene is an interesting experience, it is a very sensitive instrument and can sometimes react in a surprising way to the smallest of adjustments, making it seem almost alive with a tonal agenda of its own. If left alone it will constantly change, morphing in and out of oddly harmonic structures, rhythmic interludes, single notes and wispering tones.

Here are some recordings for you to download.


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